Services Offered



Rates beginning at $750

A strong brand is fundamental to your business’ identity.  Set yourself apart with a brand that communicates your story - we want to get your name out there!  Blades Creative has several customizable options for businesses of any size to create or re-work brand identity.  Our process is both intentional and collaborative, beginning with pen and paper before anything else so that the finished product is unique and meaningful.

Each brand package typically comes with logo design and a brand guide. A brand guide is vital for expressing how to use your logo and new brand effectively and consistently across different platforms and includes all of the following: logo versions, logo usage, color profile, and typography examples.


Marketing & Event Collateral

Rates vary per project

Whether you are in need of an updated tri-fold brochure or signage for a large scale company fundraiser, Blades Creative does it all. Bring us on board to help with all of the collateral for a specific event, or let us help you develop a marketing concept so that all of your products are cohesive and on-brand. Marketing and event collateral are both productive and far-reaching ways to publicize and elevate your brand.


Long-Term Contract

Rates begin at $75/hour

A collaborative contracted position working with established companies and corporations. This is an excellent option for businesses with projects with a span of 3 months or more. If you need extra hands to ensure creative work is done with expertise and efficiency, Blades Creative has the tools to help you meet your creative targets on a professional timeline.